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Links to selected events and articles

The Remedy Wine Bar

A successful wine bar I helped to set up in 2014, which has since become a highly popular place for London wine lovers. I am currently developing their unique wine list for them.


The Herball

I have been involved in a number of events with The Herball: A company who use authentic and contemporary plant and mineral based products to create bespoke beverage concepts, experiences and beautiful signature serves for your premises, occasion or special event. 


A terroir workshop at Dissenters Gallery

A workshop I run together with Vaughn Tan (UCL) and geologist Diana Clements, exploring the importance of terroir and how it impacts the taste of wine.


Journey to the Interior performance

I created the wine component in an artistic performance Journey to the Interior, which included the chef Ben Spalding as well as a number of creative individuals. This event was part of Open Senses.


Philosopher Barry Smith on the taste of wine

More illuminating thoughts from professor Barry Smith, on how we experience the taste of wine

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